PB2 Reflection of video sketch 15

I sketched the film when I went to the design festival at Royal Exhibition Building. The sketch was made accidentally due to one of my friend cannot came with us that I recorded the surroundings to make him as if involved on site. As usual, I accessed my Sony camera, stood on a spot and keep my position unmoved to turned 360 degree to captured the scene.

It is always interesting when observer unmoved but turn a circle to observe others. From this case, my camera looks like invisible and didn’t affect the process. While I remained in one perspective to took the video, the scene could turn various and distinct results that reflect to individual observation.



PB2 Reflection of video sketch 14

While I stayed in ACMI Screen World, I almost shot as many as exhibits I can and connected them were related to my research question. This display use the effect of 3 D projection and lighting to show its magic. When I sketched it, I just slowly moved Sony mobile phone camera to captured different reflections from two sides of perspectives.

However, it looks like the image doesn’t change too much differences. The top animals still fall into the cups individually whereas those bottoms move along the track step by step. In this case, the video could be expressed though the observer (my camera) moved distinct angles to record, the reflection remain in similar situation that no matter we view it from which direction, the reflection as the same status.

PB2 Reflection of Laura’s sketch

It is abstract and interesting to view this video that Laura shoot the footage through water bottle, it provide another angle to observe subject and shaped wavy and changeable image that we may have not noticed via this position. The film starts from flowing water and then gradually feel the background is moving with water that people can understand the water bottle is placed in front of car window, which means the landscape is presented from two layer screen.

To be honest, the film is too long to watch that the content of shooting has maintain same subject without change, it cause audience feel boring once the time code after 20 seconds. It would be better if the film can include other subject or change opposite perspective to record the reflections that audiences can be attracted more and keep this interesting impression.

PB2 Reflection of Mona’s sketch

Within curiosity to watch this video, I think Mona has showed the good example about ‘observation’. The frame starts from blurred image to reveal the subject that attract people want to explore what will it going about the content, which is brilliant method to keep audience’s attention.

On the other hand, observation could be indicates into different position or behind something to view, just like Mona’s work shoot the same subject but access two approaches which caused distinct results in a film.

PB2 Reflection of Quentin’s sketch

In my point of view, it is smart and easy method to shoot window as a topic related to observation. I quite like Quentin’s this video not only he records both inside and outside reflections as a interesting frame, but also it present different perspectives from same device shooting, which is also relevant to my personal research that provide additional approach into the core.

There are two suggestions that Quentin could be consider. Firstly, if the point is focus on both side view, I think the sketch can be shot longer to capture contrast images via the window. Secondly, Quentin named this title as ‘coffee’, but as I mentioned above that the sketch is focus on the window or reflection instead of one specific object ‘coffee’, which readers could misunderstand the content of shooting from the title link.

PB2 Reflection of Sury’s sketch

I remember this tiny video was filmed at the elevator of rock climbing while we tried to went to there to captured some images about observation of movement. Sury randomly took our images from the top angle that it present our nature reaction as a reality documentary, which is the reason I choose it.

Reality documentary is one of popular TV program recently, it reflects how people react their actions once they know they are being filmed, every behaviour and opinion are revealed individual personality that we could examine ourselves when we watch it. On the other hand, this sketch is also relate to my personal topic ‘perspective of observation’, through the top angle to observe public as if we were nervous but excited to be filmed.

PB2 Reflection of video sketch 13

The sketch was re-filmed the monitor accessed mobile phone camera that I stayed in  ACMI screen world to completed its time slice animation. Obviously, it is a function room to indicates people how action movie can be made by various cameras of perspective, the post production will cause the smooth actions as people with good “kung fu”.

When I recorded the video, I just think about it can be matched to my personal research ‘perspective of observation’ due to the video is shot by several cameras at same time but based from distinct angles to completed. Once we edit the video from diverse shooting of position at same moment that the production can be designed with new perspective.