New Directions in Narrative Assessment Task 2

Hsiao Han (Athena), CHUEH

Post 1: Investigate digital tools on MakeBeliefsComix
Post 5: Narrative flowchart
Post 6: Media convergence / social media

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Media convergence / social media

Critically reflect on ways in which media convergence and/or social media has influenced your approach to designing and marketing digital narratives. How has the evolving media landscape challenged and/or extended your approach to digital storytelling? Refer to one or more of the course readings/videos in your discussion.

In the week 2, there are various digital narrative formats have introduced by the course, I still remember that each group had to discuss one format of narrative and shared their opinion to others. While my team members were discussing “videogames” as our topic, I couldn’t say any words during the discussion because I have less attention on this issue. Thus, after the group discussion, I read the course reading MIT Game Lab – Documentary Games and Videogame Genres to try to get more information about video games.

It is mentioned that the game mechanics would be the first consideration when people try to distinguish video game genres. Game mechanic is ” the actions that a player can perform in a game, in other words, the interaction between the player and the game, are referred to as game mechanics” (Wolf 2002, p.114). Addition to game mechanics, there are some video game features could be included, such as platform, real-time vs. turn-based and artistic style. While I researched in 2D cartoon and comic book of artistic style field, the relate sources stimulated me found another relevant format “digital comic” as it turn to my narrative model.

The website WEBTOON and Soul Reaper are two main platforms of digital comic that have influenced me to create my digital narrative.

ppt use2
When I viewed the horror genre as it featured edition on WEBTOON, I was attracted by the sound effect and the movable objects. The elements of digital comic are such different with my traditional version, they focus on visualisation and audio to grab viewer’s attention immerse the atmosphere. Particularly, there are only few scenes of comic will be installed those techniques instead of whole story, which inspires me to structure similar techniques in my story.  From my point of view, the scared sound effect and movable features appeared in randomly scenes will cause better impact rather than entire story to deliver the horrible mood.

On the other hand, installing random audiovisual effects in digital comic will be easier for me to sketch the story based on my limited skill of animation. In addition, audiences will be surprised in featured scenes which cause the unexpected effect during the comic reading and get good experience to share the content.

soul reaper1
Soul Reaper is another useful platform just like WEBTOON to impress audiences based on same comic format. With different style in action genre, Soul Reaper is a structuring comic website that only one chapter scenario has appeared the audiovisual technique, however, it has installed voice over as narrator and featured effect on its title to penetrate entire story that presents as 3D animation format but still in digital comic to conduct viewers.

Overall, these above elements of digital comic from two platforms have impacted me deeper during the duration of my narrative pitch, the interesting sources have inspired me to explore further research that I could produce the unique idea and use the techniques in my narrative story.

Narrative flowchart


The comic narrative ‘Baking my pastry’ will access digital comic format and be divided into four chapters to present the story. The protagonist Margarita Chen who is an amateur in pastry making, bravely pursues her dream and becomes a pastry chef and owns her bakery. The story will focus on the transformation about a young lady from previous media background into new career in pastry industry. The comic narrative will include other characters such as her boyfriend Steven and her friend Millie, also gives their relationship and conflict during each chapter. The comic style will demonstrate as humor and lively style to deliver the approachable spirit.