Write a brief outline for an original digital narrative project. Your digital narrative should tell a story as well as utilising one or more of the unique features of digital networked media. So for a more linear narrative, consider how it might be broken into modules, how your audience might participate in the project, or how you might promote the work online. For a more interactive narrative, consider how your audience will access each scene and how they will participate in the unfolding of the narrative. Your digital narrative can be about anything you like – but it needs to be doable with the tools and skills you have at hand.

Post this task on your personal blog. Word count: approximately 300 words (See ‘Word count: can I exceed it?’ on the Study FAQs page).

Narrative Outline
The digital narrative will be a digital comic “Baking My Pastry” and the genre would present as inspiring with comedy. The content is based on real experience of my friend who left the previous career in media and turns leisure hobby baking pastry into new career. In addition, the protagonist successfully starts her own bakery and becomes an entrepreneur. The comic narrative aims to guide audiences knowing various pastry and delivering the spirit of protagonist who insists the dream and make it true.

Briefly, once audiences access to the comic web, they will see the giant title ‘Baking my pastry’ in homepage with pastry images as background, right side bar will show the brief story outline and how the digital comic works. Scroll down to the central part, audience will see each chapter title with representative image as click button and one line synopsis.


A digital comic illustrates that the story of Margarita Chen who is an amateur in pastry making, bravely pursues her dream and becomes a pastry chef and owns her bakery. The story will focus on the transformation about a young lady from previous media background into new career in pastry industry. The comic narrative will include other characters such as her boyfriend Steven and her friend Millie, also gives their relationship and conflict during each chapter. The comic style will demonstrate as humor and vivid style to deliver the approachable spirit.

Modularity & Variability
The comic will be published on website as main platform, audience may execute flash player to read, the content can be shared to Facebook and Twitter social media and the story will be divided into four chapters to demonstrate individual part.

Baking My Pastry will based on four chapters to illustrate each chapter meet one modular. Audience can follow the sequence to click each chapter or choose interested images to jump into individual story, which means the variability is flexible fit with modularity.

Addition to comic narrative, there is a comment bar under each chapter that readers can leave their opinions to author or discuss to each other. Some grids will be added sound effect to emphasize the scenario, audiences can switch on/ off the button to access  it. In addition, users can scroll mouse down/up repeatedly to see the movable or shining grid that immerse into story. Furthermore, the digital comic not only can be shared on social media, but also the URL link can be embedded. As a creator, I will add # hashtag to stress the keyword with promotional content.

Clipart Illustration of a Pretty Female Cake Baker Presenting A
The story is aim to young generations who are interested in comic books and pastry taster will be the main audiences that through website reading and social media sharing. Due to the protagonist is a lady, the targeted audiences is also aim to female (20-40) and young entrepreneurs who are inspired from the story that believe such case could be happened in their life.


Author: AthenaChueh

Fly Away From Here


  1. I like this idea, but I think that it could be more interesting. It might combine game and comic, if technology is able to support. For example, people engage it as a player, they can choose some parts of the story, like role play.


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