Investigate digital tools on MakeBeliefsComix

Research one or more of the digital tools you could use to create your digital narrative.

Option 1. Describe any software that look promising and explain how you could use the tool in your project. Post this task on your personal blog. Word count: approximately 500 words (See ‘Word count: can I exceed it?’ on the Study FAQs page)

The finding of digital tool
While I still consider the format to present my digital narrative, I realized that maybe to find out practical tools to create my story is the basis. Thus, I started to search “digital narrative tool” online and access each function. There is a website “MakeBeliefsComix” has been recommended for education using from the first searching database and I think it is also easy for fundamental storytellers to structure their story. I will share my opinion of using and explain why it could be helpful for my narrative project.

The function of MakeBeliefsComix
Firstly, MakeBeliefsComix is a platform that users can create personal comic strip to say your word. For me, as a beginner, it is simple and fun that I could use a lot of images replacing the word to describe my story. At MakeBeliefsComix , I can choose characters, backgrounds and emotion to each panel, then add talk or thought balloons or other elements I want to start my characters communicating.

MakeBeliefsComix blank

The process of using
I selected four panels strip as my experiment. I had no idea what content should I insert in the beginning, so I chose the cast from list and randomly put in colors, backgrounds…etc. The left side is a function bar to adjust the element I inserted to complete an abundant comic. Every operation button is demonstrated by image click so that user can familiar the system and keep interest on it. Once I completed my comic strip, I can choose print it, save the image or email it to my friends. The tool is clear and simple operating, no wonder it could be recommended software for students and teachers.

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Personal opinion
To be honest, I think MakeBeliefsComix still in fundamental stage. There are not many option of component can be designed, for instance, the characters can only be flipped right or left direction but no features removed or increased. Colour and background field are less item can be selected.

However, on the other hand, it is enjoyable that I notice when I randomly created fewer components for my panels, those characters could inspire me more to structure the further script. Follow the sequence to build, I have produced my first comic strip without any draft. In other words, MakeBeliefsComix not only entertains creators, but also it provides a platform to produce personalized narrative. As long as it could improve the circumstance of immature techniques.

As a storytelling learner, it would be one of my tools to plan my storyboard and further stages on narrative.