PB3 Reflection on video final work

In this semester, we have learned through mobile phone to shoot individual video during post industry media, both personal and group work are based on our affordance ‘observation’ to expand the questions and individual film making. As assessment 2 issue, my research is not only about observation, but also concern on different perspective of subject. In this project of PB 3, I focus on ‘water’ as my subject, try to present distinct aspects of water and combined with few previous sketches into a new video work.

To be honest to talk about the concept, it is also abstract to describe the work from my point of view. In the beginning of animation effect, water slightly flows and turn to strong volume through shower header. In this part, I just want to stress the intensity of water, it can be controlled as any shape and strength. Due to the location is in the shower room, water vapour is obviously caused around the space and the glass just reflected the misty atmosphere. Switches into second scene, the misty glass of balcony is spilled by rain, but the situation is caused by nature instead of someone to make it.

Looking into the third scene, sea becomes my main point. First footage of sea is filmed at St. Kilda beach, the turbulent wave just illustrated as after raining that to be continued with previous scene, then the weather turns better so that sea gets calm. There are some footage about sea, ocean and beach are shot by GoPro camera which is connected with my mobile phone application to complete in Cairns. At that period of time, I also pay attention to capture the footage of water and sea that these element could be used in this video work. Despite two areas of the sea come from same substance, they are performed with distinct style.

As the wave sweeps over and the diver shows up, it is clear that the scene now is underwater. It is interesting that the scene can be unlimited and explored more through the function of GoPro and mobile app. At this stage, I try to express that sea is another form of water, and the observation is not only can be concerned on the surface of subject, but can go deeper, opposite side or with in it to observe the changeable movement and meanwhile feel it.

At timecode 1:04, the scene from underwater and jump into the frame of bottle water,  both of environment are full of bubbles, however, one is in nature surrounding another is filled in artificial container. While the bottle is putted down, the action seems like pour the water into the kettle and produce bubblely situation when it boiled.

Along with steam rise and disperse, the scene lead audiences into nature landscape (beach) once again, which means water originally comes from nature and ‘the observation’ is also one of human instinct.