PB2 Reflection of video sketch 6

The sketch was filmed at nearby park around my apartment. I found the spot while I stood at roof top to overlooked the view. I took the long shot from my position and zoom out to whole space, then just went to the park to shoot few times “the eye” and edited into three parts as this video.

In the beginning, I just want to shot the landscape zoom in to zoom out or opposite way, however,based my location and device that I could not filmed the footages as I expected. Therefore, I just naturally from two locations and different angles to filmed “the eye” and keep the images with children stand on it. From my viewpoint, it can be explained as different observers (children and pedestrians) with individual perspective to view the spot, children called it “the eye” and played around this circle whereas the pedestrians just passed there as usual mark of park. I approached my camera to observed their perspectives, neither of thought (children and pedestrians) are my vision, just stand on third person position to filmed it.

Author: AthenaChueh

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