PB2 Reflection of video sketch 20

The sketch is took at a corner of park, this public art is too colorful to notice it. Based my topic is ‘ perspective of observation’, I decided to filmed individual painting from different part of work to zoom out the whole statue and speed up the movie.

It is difficult to check what the work is if follow my camera image to view it in the beginning, however, once we focus the footage till the end, the shape can be seen it’s typical animal shaping art. Once again, the same object from different perspective to observe, it can be treated as distinct meanings from individual position.


PB2 Reflection of video sketch 19

This video was shot at federation square last December, it’s randomly captured that I tried to remember the atmosphere about Melbourne’s Christmas. My Sony mobile phone is convenient and good quality to completed the film that I do not add any editing on it.

It is obvious that the Christmas tree is the target that attracted everyone to watched it. Before recorded the sketch, I had been walked around the tree, which it was designed same decoration from any surface. Approach this case, we can understand that the observation is via any/ every perspectives, but the subject is remain in same style to present.

PB2 Reflection of video sketch 18

I shot the film at my rooftop of apartment while I recorded the sky and the airplane ‘breaking into’ my frame that I decided to change the subject on it. My camera followed the airplane until it can not been seen without any editing on this tiny movie.

In the beginning, the subject is blurred that the target can not be figured what it is, within the footage zoom in and sound effect has been appeared that the subject can be seen is an airplane. In this case, the observation is under in same perspective to view, however, the subject may present with unclear shape to be captured


PB2 Reflection of video sketch 17

Just as I mentioned in previous post, the film is sketched in ACMI screen world as well. I sketched the painting of wall from the woman’s lip as a central point to reveal the whole scene. Later, I tried to shot it from both right and left sides and edited the film into mute that audiences can focus on the image.

The tiny movie reminds me the well known painting ‘ Mona Lisa’, the point is not about the woman but both of works are presented two women’s insight that no matter which angle to view the painting, the viewer can feel they are watching you at same moment. In this case, the observer not only from my side, the another perspective from the woman of painting is also observing us!

PB2 Reflection of video sketch 16

The video was filmed at aquarium when I observed these popular penguins. I did not target any one of them or actions, just moved my camera slightly to recorded the nature moment.

In my point of view, this is a sample video to present the relation between subjects and observer. Although most viewers only care about what images they want to record from their own perspective, these subjects (penguins) are also watching outside from their standpoint just rare people notice it. The perspective of observation is depend on which position that viewer stands to give it own opinion.

PB2 Reflection of video sketch 15

I sketched the film when I went to the design festival at Royal Exhibition Building. The sketch was made accidentally due to one of my friend cannot came with us that I recorded the surroundings to make him as if involved on site. As usual, I accessed my Sony camera, stood on a spot and keep my position unmoved to turned 360 degree to captured the scene.

It is always interesting when observer unmoved but turn a circle to observe others. From this case, my camera looks like invisible and didn’t affect the process. While I remained in one perspective to took the video, the scene could turn various and distinct results that reflect to individual observation.


PB2 Reflection of video sketch 14

While I stayed in ACMI Screen World, I almost shot as many as exhibits I can and connected them were related to my research question. This display use the effect of 3 D projection and lighting to show its magic. When I sketched it, I just slowly moved Sony mobile phone camera to captured different reflections from two sides of perspectives.

However, it looks like the image doesn’t change too much differences. The top animals still fall into the cups individually whereas those bottoms move along the track step by step. In this case, the video could be expressed though the observer (my camera) moved distinct angles to record, the reflection remain in similar situation that no matter we view it from which direction, the reflection as the same status.