Reflection of group sketch made by Quentin

Looking into Quentin’s sketch, it is easily to notice that his videos often starts with background color to unveil, seems like lead audiences to curious the content. Regarding to our affordance is discussed about ‘observation of public space’, this sketch has given classical definition to explain. From my point of view, Quentin stands human position to describes this topic that the screen is being recorded to ‘observes’ theses people, they are also observing the tour guide and follow her instruction.

On the other hand, the location is being observed by people’s attention that these tourists not only viewing the surroundings, but also noticing other participators by individual observation, which it responds the  observation ( audience’s’ attention) affect public space (interact with tour guide and other participators).


Reflection of group sketch made by Sury

When I watch this video, I think Sury gives another viewpoint about observation at public space that I never notice it, which the video emphasizes that non-human ‘s sight to observe environment. It is  interesting and also stimulates me to think about the issue of privacy. The CCTV as a recording machine shoots every object around it, in this point, it accesses its vision (camera) to observes others just like human’s eyes.

However, compare with human, it is created with stronger vision that no needs rest and 24/7 recording, which means  the ‘observation’ may too specific and cause invasion of privacy- that is to say, the CCTV’s observation already affects publics at communal space.

Reflection of group sketch made by Laura

Laura made the video in the function room of gallery that we went to there together, it is interesting that she designed her frame with noir style and layering effect, shot from left side to right side and stop at the man’s back. In my opinion, this is her observation to film other’s behaviour at public space.

At 00:27, she filmed my image that I was also recording surroundings through my observation, which is my favorite part in this sketch due to both of us were filming  each other from individual perspective. We were noticing another side’s observation and meanwhile accessed personal device to recorded this interaction, which is strongly responds to our question’ how observation affect public space’, in other words, individual observation affects another object at public space.


Reflection of group sketch made by Mona

Based on our affordance is related to observation of public space, I think this video has presented good response to the topic. At this moment, everyone is watching the clock, observe it and recording the perform, Mona as a viewer notices their actions and accesses her phone to shoot the moment. In other words, the mobile phone as her eyes, through this particular medium to records other’s observation at public space.

PB 1 Personal Video Sketch 3

My third sketch was shot in outdoor public space- the ground in front of  state library, it was took by my mobile phone (sony z3+) without any editing of application. Compare previous two videos, this location is more emphasizes the communal observation, I try to stand a vision of pedestrian to recorded the occasion. It is significant that there are two competitors playing chess and were surrounded by many other’s observation.

In this  situation, I want to mention the players might impact by public observation to plan next step, any perspectives, interactions or conversations of observers may or may not affect player’s emotions and actions. Even those viewers can be affected by public observation and then react to players, the whole procedure just as a cause and effect loop to impact surroundings.

PB 1 Personal Video Sketch 2

In my second sketch, I accessed ipad mini to filmed the surroundings, I was not hid my device and naturally focused on my targets ( my team members). It is noticeable that other visitors also found my filming, some of them pretended nothing happen and continually  examined exhibits, and some people just passed to exit.

In this case, ‘observation’ is from my point of view to presented, it was through first person perspective (mine) to observe people’s behaviour in the gallery. In other words, I observed particular people that they were observing objects and acted their reactions. It is interesting experiment that people will reflect different behaviours in front of camera once they realize someone is observing them, no matter they already knew the filming is going to take or not.

PB 1 Personal Video Sketch 1

Based on our group affordance is observation, especially focus on public space, I have used my mobile phone (sony z3+) to recorded the moment. It is obvious that the tram as a public space provide people can do any things related to ‘observation’; such as the female realized she was filmed by my phone so moved to other side, the man behind her looks around to observe other passengers  and there are few tourists observe the tram is appropriate landscape to take photos.

I notice that observation is the process from someone’s vision to see objects exist or happen, from each individual is subjective sight and give personal explanation.