#5 Color Grade

Before starting write this reflection, I have chosen three scenes to edited  color grading of lenny intensive, however, while I examined other’s blog that I realize I may misunderstand the original purpose of this prompt. Because it should be fixed three tone at same scene instead of what I did. But I would remain put my production here, using another way to examine my color grade.

At beginning, I typed “three color” to searched the function of three color corrector, I chose this scene cuz it was little be overexposure as left picture. So, I have adjusted highlights to reduce the bright and dragged the clip into each color to see the effect. Meanwhile, I also conditioned the clip of shadows and midtones to found suitable tone I want.

At second scene, there are two people sat at bench with colorful painting wall and the key light is from up left. As we can see, I fixed  few steps on lighting tone which is similar as last scene I did, but this time I tried modified on “Input levels” & “Output levels”. It is clear that effect can be contrasted by dragged triangle into darker or whiter sections, from the second picture of this scene may seem significant that the color of jean has reduced its reflection, the streak of wall and character’s faces can be obvious than earlier scene. In addition, I also tried “Tonal Range Definition” that compared different tones individually.


The third scene might look like drab due to the story is arranged the character going to mysterious place that I decided modified the atmosphere into gloomy tone so that mood can be see divergent by set amount of saturation. Moreover, while I review the whole scenes, I also click into section of dropper to selected appropriate color to match my genre.

Overall, in my opinion, the editor could depend on what tones he/she wants to present and thereby choose specific functions to adjust the video. For me, “input & output level” features are convenient and easier to compared my scenes, because the functions of
“shadows & midtones & highlights” may spend more time to matched the video, if there is a huge movement carelessly, the tones can be contrasted specifically and cause weird colors.

P.S  I have searched “before and after colour grade” on google, hence, I follow the style to edited my three scenes as below.

Color grading

Author: AthenaChueh

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