#6 Reflection on the sound & image

In the beginning of the course, I have wrote my goals and desire  for this semester, “ I wish can get  practical techniques firstly, through various access like film editing, video shooting and getting into sound and light knowledge in this course“. Now it is time to review the learning.


Basically, I have to admit that it is ambiguous when I aimed to learn practical techniques but without specific description which makes the procedure not easy to measure. However, I can still via each item to examine my progress. Firstly, “film editing”. Though I get fundamental skill to use film editing application (Premiere, Adobe Effect), there are still far enough reach to proficiency, such as editing speed, transfer the scene and color corrector, the more practice in application, the more familiar operation I can gain. So, just keep the faith and continually execute it. Not just saying!!!

Secondly, “video shooting”. During earlier period, I was wondering it might be learning video shooting first then film editing, but till now I think the sequence is acceptable. Because only know the concept of editing then can deconstruct what frame I want to shoot which is sufficient plan to enrich my film. In this task, I believe I have better understanding than editing, but sometimes remain with unfamiliar impression to operate camera which is a weakness especially during interview or hurry situations.

Furthermore, when I examine the knowledge of light, I could always recognize different angle of lighting effect quickly and adjust the appropriate position about subjects or light, which is good that I can enhance the ability of frame design.

Finally, for me, the sense of sound is the most interesting and valuable acquisition that I gained from this course. Due to I have some careless experiences shooting video without sound or poor quality that I focus more on sound/ boom position to avoid it happen again. In addition, I assume the audio could be the soul of whole film to led audiences comprehend different scenes by strong or low tone. Thus, I quite like intently searching suitable music and sound effects to modify  my video which is also my most confident part during the process.


Nevertheless, I remember that my wish is aim to learned practical skills in this semester. Overall, I did , gained “practical techniques” than just theories, but there are still huge spaces I could boost and urge myself.


Author: AthenaChueh

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