#3 The analysis of Forbidden Lies

In this task, we are required to analyze how the sound effect sourced of the film by using all understanding we learned which is quite interesting but challengeable. I even discussed with few classmates about the structures, effects and lessons from premiere to support each other’s knowledge and deal with this prompt. From my point of view, I might not proficient all techniques of editing but I could examine the sound information to deconstruct it.

In the opening, the effect of tweet has appeared three times with music until 0:12, it is significant that each time the tweet shows around 2 seconds and only inserted when actress looks at actor affectionately. I predict it may indicate her mood and the eye of the beholder. In addition, there are two brief bell rings appeared at 0:04 and 0:17 showing actress’ sight among their relationship. These two sound effects might source from audio library to stress lady’s happiness.

We can also observe that some transfer scenes come with fascinating effects like 0:12 and 0:30, the latter one even end of background music and emphasize the sound of typing and windy desert. I discover that most scenes have been layered two effects, background music and the audio of protagonist’s actions to demonstrate different presentations. From 0: 14 the sound of vehicle gradually entered showing they drive to forest; it is also obvious that when the song sings to “set her free”, the lady flings her scarf and of course an audio of throw has layered there.

I think 0:30 is a turning point that voice over has arranged here and pauses music to declare the previous part is just a elaboration for continuing story. As we can hear, the sound of elves appeared when the book shows in front of screen (0:36, 1:04, 1:25), it sounds like inserted to remind audiences the importance of subject. There is a woman read content of forbidden lies at 1:28 and the photograph sound stressed at 1:32 to present this scene like a picture has captured there.

It is clear that director arrange different women read the book and overlap their voice together to emphasize the sentence. When the map of middle east appears, there is a mysterious effect has launched to catch attention, the coolest thing is when the lands like puzzles move to other boundary, the audio sure presented like flying.

While Rana Husseini and Dr.Amal A. Sabbagh continually doubt their opinions about the book, the background music turns to vivid type at 2:27 as if the highlight is coming. Certainly, with Sabbagh’s explanation, the image has going to fast forward and guides audiences into scenes of book. Following Husseini’s direction, each questionable place has approached to be examined. There’s a tiny part can be noticed that when the actor stuns coin there, the editor seem to capture the evidence that adds photograph sound to satirize the classic scene. It is also noticeable that the editor cleverly put the author Norma Khouri’s reading with Husseini’s voice together which cause the audio sounds like they describe the book at same time. How ironically is!

Overall, the second half scene of whole video is under Khouri’s reading to match Husseini and Sabbagh ‘s objection that contrast their conflicts visibly. Furthermore, no matter is lighted up a cigarette, vanished the packet of cigarettes, destroyed the building or zoom in the container truck, all of these shoots have arranged with sound effects to point out  the evidence of contradictions. 

Author: AthenaChueh

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