#2 No Direction Home

Actually, I have searched this documentary of ‘No Direction Home’ online to watched the original film before I start deconstruct the scene. Honestly to say that I prefer the official film more than the type of Thelma Schoonmaker. By contrast, as we can see, the opening scene from official movie is starts with the title, Bob Dylan expresses his experiences about lost direction then switches his image of live show, but type of Schoonmaker is opening in live show perform that appears suddenly then zoom in CU on his face showing he is playing a song. There is no stand answer to judges which one is correct presentation in the documentary, just I think that as a narrative movie  could demonstrate clear actions chronologically or quotes a sentence relates to topic that audiences can understand what it is watching now.

Nevertheless, it is just my personal opinion, now we back to our topic. As I mentioned earlier, the 2 mins scene starts with a live concert, but when it plays to 0:30, the scene just pause there with forest image around 8 seconds, then inserts someone’s voice (should be Bob Dylan) ‘Time you can do a lot of things that…’ that implies the story is going to next scene and sure enough, music rising with an old building tells audiences our protagonist is flashing back to his childhood, describes how he falls in love with music. I quite like that the scene from 0:59 only Bob Dylan’s sound articulates his story and few old pictures of childhood then pan to the vinyl records. It is audacious arrangement that until 1:31, there is no any character appears on the screen, only antique photos with narrations, audiences may impatient focus on the story, on the other hand, they might attract by the curiosity and continually explore more.

Here is our star Bob Dylan, the footage turns on him, frowning and expressing his long memory. It is also significant that Schoonmaker edits tons of previous images with black and white, only when it turns on Bob Dylan the footage illustrates colorful mood. I predict that Schoonmaker via contrast showing past and present to outline the protagonist like read an autobiography.

Watching into 1:44, the image appears mine land within Dylan describes his environment of hometown, the background music also changes to reminiscent genre, immerse audiences fall in the antique atmosphere once again. Obviously, every movements and actions look like slow down in those old films as if faraway from Dylan but still clear in his mind. It is interesting that from the middle of film 2:00, Dylan’s image turns into extremely close up without any background, just like we sit closer to him, pay more attention on him.

Overall, this 2 minutes opening scene contains much element of color contrast, it guides audiences from alive scene of concert to serious scene of character, all of shots still surrounded on Bob Dylan which reveals the guy is unpredictable, just like his multiple music, no matter is folk or rock, he determines whatever he wants.

Author: AthenaChueh

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