practice-led research: Environmental needs between students and campus

In our video of digital story, we aim to exploring the motivation of studying in Melbourne from both international and local students. Based on the studying environment is their first reason to choose Melbourne, I will  focus on  topic of environmental needs between students and campus to do scholarly research in this post.

Patricia McLaughlin (2012) mentions that ‘ these university students want flexible learning spaces that can adapt to both individual and collaborative work with a strong emphasis on social learning and advanced technology’, which is a clear expression that the surroundings of campus is the basic consideration for studying needs.

Furthermore, McLaughlin (2012) demonstrates that these environmental consideration may include the physical situation, in other words, foundational facilities is also a reason that students can be measured. ‘the importance of safety, security, natural ventilation, lighting and other physical features as conducive to effective learning’. In his case, a need for multi use space is also supplied for intense work and learning opportunities.

There are other motivations can be measured for studying needs, such as  internationalization and culture. According to Journal of the Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia (2006), ‘One of the major educational goals of the internationalisation of higher education is to prepare students to function in an international and intercultural context. Cultural diversity on university campuses creates ideal social forums for inter‐cultural learning’. This journal has supported the significant answer that related to the research.

It is well known that Melbourne is one of the international and livable city in the world, the factor of internationalization might cause by its multiple culture and diverse atmosphere to attract students study here. Simon Marginson discusses this phenomenon in Radio Australia’s series,’ a very large rise in the number of international students coming down to Melbourne to do university courses. Overseas students now make up over eighteen per cent of total enrolments in Australian universities.’ Just as the topic, the internationalization is also one of the consideration of studying needs.

Nevertheless, studying environment is based on personal reason to measure and choose, the context is relevant to our digital story ‘The motivation of studying in Melbourne’ to analyze some potential factors to research. There are countless analysis could  affect student’s motivation to examine in different research.


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Author: AthenaChueh

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