Enchanted Ground 2: Search Engine Optimisation

While I first time  heard SEO is around 3 years ago in my mother tongue, because there was a popular industry raising which is some companies assist clients improving or creating better search engine optimisation on their website or fanpage to enhance the order of rank that the business can be well known. At that moment, I did not really understand how does it work, so I just searched it and found the video, the explanation is lively and clear that I could figure out the principle. The group of video maker also expresses some articles to help readers can exploring deeper understanding.

Just an idea off the top of my head, I typed in “Athena WordPress”, tried to found my blog that it can be examined the sequence from the search engine. It is obvious that there were some wordpress blogs related to this search, though it contains “Athena” element, most of them are just WordPress’ advertisement. Moreover, some others search list even out of the boundary of WordPress into other website.

Based on this we can see, my typing may not clear enough, in other words, my blog does not includes specific keyword or present rare content so that search engine can not outlined my blog in the first few pages. Overall, it is admit that the industry of SEO has marketing needs to help people promote their website or fan pages, otherwise, the individual has to be professional that they can optimize own web into top position.


Author: AthenaChueh

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