The reflection of Flipped lecture on digital drawing

It is useful knowledge after read the article of digital drawing, because I never gained this concept before editing my images. It is clear that the context demonstrate the different features between raster and vector. Straightforwardly, we can say the video is the most significant introduction that guides audiences understand the key point.

As a basic learner of digital drawing, I have learned “In Design” and “Photoshop to drew my previous works. I didn’t figure out the principle of them, just know when I edit both text and pictures into same file, I can operate them on In Design to avoid divided files and get better prints quality. On the other hand, people usually fix their pictures on Photoshop to improve the flaws or compose extra elements as a new picture.

While the lecture reminds me the two softwares that I used before, I couldn’t wondering their principles so I searched them and get the useful description by this blog. It is mentions photoshop is belong to raster software that users can quickly fix problems of photo by its pixelated attribute. For the advanced user or professionals, they might familiar with vector program, through its  capability of paths and points just like In Design to illustrate complicate infographics and text.

In my opinion, I will practice more on raster function which is easier to access and simple to edit my images. Once I can hand in my works not only good quality but finish it efficiently then it is the time deal with files on vector to enhance my techniques.

Reference List

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Author: AthenaChueh

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