The reflection of Flipped lecture on basic audio editing

In this lecture I have gained knowledge that showing the basic ways to edit my sound sources. As a beginner, I watched both videos of Audacity and Garageband, which guide users can follow the instruction step by step to record and fix my audio.

I do not have Mac notebook so that I downloaded Audacity software and tried how it works. I have to say it is straightforward design, every button and function archived clear so that user can quickly get into editing even is first time access it. While I found out that Audacity is also supplied not bad quality when I recorded my voice as a test experiment without Microphone. By contrast an online record system SpeakPipe that I recorded original voice over in our digital story, Audacity is much professional that editor can reduce surrounding noise and design whatever tone or add any other melody I want.

audio editing.jpg

Although I have learned Premiere software as our one of courses to edit my video and audio sources, it takes time to get familiar with it. Next time, if I just need audio editing, I will definitely access Audacity to improve my file. After all, keep the simple approach is the efficient way to make a  good job.


Author: AthenaChueh

Fly Away From Here

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