The reflection of Digital story

It was a long process to produce our digital story ‘The motivation of studying in Melbourne’ which is a tiny film interviews diverse students who are studying in Melbourne.

In the beginning,  we thought nonfiction story could be easier and faster to finish the task, however, the truth is we spent a lot of time to looked for interviewees, borrowed too many and extra facilities to shot them and much complex footage to edited. So, I realized that if we want to deal with our project sooner and smoother, the key point is not about choose a fiction or nonfiction story instead of is make a sufficient plan before we start shooting.

During the pre production, although we sketched a proposal to arranged our schedule, the reality had more variable that we adjusted to changed circumstances. Firstly, we have no idea about our social media strategy which it could affect our interviewees like their nationality, the institution they studying even their answers for the interview. Fortunately, through several times team discussion and Jenny’s suggestion, we set a clear aim for Mandarin speakers to understand other student’s reasons why study abroad. Also, we gained some inspiration like ‘time-lapse photography‘ from YouTube search that we decided insert this aesthetics to outline Melbourne.

Secondly, there was an interviewee stood me up, also we couldn’t set up appropriate landmark of Melbourne as shooting location. However, people always can get their plan B, we got another prepared candidate as interviewee, found perfect indoor locations to shot, the procedure was challengeable but full of meaningful reward.

At production period, the process was more interesting. We chose State Library as our first shot location, everyone did good job for their duty. I was an interviewer, questioned our interviewee and chatted with him as rehearsal  to relax each other. We set down two cameras that operated by Mark and Yu. One is for main shot, another is for different angle and  recorded sound. Mona as a sound & boom holder that both channel sound can be collected well. The interviewee was also prepared so that whole procedure can go smooth and got applause from few passersby. For continued interviews, we selected at empty classroom or lobby even went to their campus (Monash, Melbourne uni) as indoor location because it can reduce unnecessary interruption and make sure the interviewees can focused on conversation immersed the atmosphere.

In the final period of post-production, it was complicated but excited. As I mentioned we used two cameras, there were tons of footage that editors so difficult to matched image and sound channel into same track. In addition, we uploaded all material into suites after each shoot that we were under time limited to edited footage in the campus. For the color grading, we tried to build warm mood for interview that the colors of footage were trended yellow type. Needless to say, we spent over than one week to integrated images, it was also a challenge but success to balanced normal effect and cozy conditions.

Review the whole project, we still have few insufficient weakness can be improved, such as change lively music, tidy out data present or fill in subtitle as a completed film. Nevertheless, I was rushed but enjoyed during the production, it was a good practice to recheck team’s cooperation and contribution that next time we could avoid those disadvantages to make a advanced work.

Author: AthenaChueh

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