Code Editing of Programming concepts 2

It is complex mood to describe the process of one hour of code that I actually spend few hours to do so. To be honest, it is relied on patient, logic and clear mind to deal with 20 puzzles. The system is designed for children to train their cognition of logic and direction, but it is also build the sense of coordination for adults which is I may need practice more to improve my speed  on some puzzles.


In the beginning,  the task is interesting, like draw the line, complete a square or test user how many times I should repeat to reach a circle. While I get into further puzzle, obviously the task becomes more difficult than last one. It is significant that the command of repeat has been used frequently from puzzle 4, which helps user save time to avoid reestablish same command like draw a circle or square. Meanwhile, ‘loop’ is another regular command when editor doing code editing, it is also used in other applications or software. For example, Google Chrome can support user install a function called ‘Loop for Youtube’, it can replay videos, loop portion and setting loop counts automatically.


I rarely have chance to edit code in normal documents handling, even I thought it is not useful for my previous career. Once I start learning the instruction step by step, I realize that it still can assist my relevant working like edit my blog or set up own website which is acceptable why know the basic level is important for the media worker. In other words, learn to code is not only for build formula in specific purpose, but can upgrade the speed of item to make our working smoother.

certificate of code editing

Author: AthenaChueh

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