Hashtag research in my digital story

Due to our project is related to current students who study in Melbourne, exploring their motivation about this city, I used Twubs to do # hashtag research which is convenient that collected relevant tweets I can pick. However, it is not very useful information about my research, for example I typed #studymelbourne in the beginning, but most of results were created by agent and it was activities or advertisement; quite hard to find personal experience to match our project.


Therefore, I also tried other typing such as #melboueneeducation, #melbournestudent or #whymelbourne but it just found nothing. I even typed #melbourneuniversity that I thought the result could close my topic, but it is interesting that many of them were just people been to University of Melbourne took the photo, praised the architecture and tag their location.


In next step, I chose #studyabroad as my keyword search because I thought it can be more specific on Melbourne’s education which provided more details but disordered and scattered into different post. Some information were related to homestay or advertisement of agent to attract students once again.

In my opinion, I think Twubs is a  coordinated website that users can do some keyword search on twitter, especially for someone not familiar with it just like me :). To be honest, the results from #hushtag search on Twubs has restrict limitation which could narrow our project issue. Based on my used experience, if the keyword not popular typing or no specific, the result from each tweet will lead to useless content. So it is better to do multiple search on diverse application like Google, Facebook or WordPress and collaborate with Twubs search, then the findings can be wide and practical.

Author: AthenaChueh

Fly Away From Here

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