Peer feedback of digital story

In the final tutorial of CMWP, we have chance to view every group’s project with diverse topics which is amazing for me. There are few groups impressed me that I would like to suggest my opinion about their strengths and weakness.

In the group of Adam & Eugene, they recorded the radio program just like broadcast without image but with strong emotion that audiences can immerse the atmosphere with fluctuation. It was interesting, the program even included advertisement to promote the products to stress different sound effect for their guest. I remember when Calum pretends an asthma patient, his voice was dropped to a lower whisper; once he took the medicine that host Adam recommended, his voice turned into powerful and make us laughed which was good arranged in the program. However, the broadcast occupied around 10 mins which may too long to maintain attention of audiences. It was also a challenge for international student to exam our listening :). Generally, the sound of host from Adam was great, his voice full of vigorous and a little humoristic to attract people focus on them, if the show can make it shorter and more emotional present by other casts, it would be most unique project in the presentation.

The story of ‘Facebook penetration in South Asia’ is an attractive group in their animations and graphics. As a group, I think they collaborated diverse duties very well, the remarkable image designed by Apinun who turned boring data into vivid animation to emphasize the key infographic. I read Anh’s blog that I know she collected and researched amount of data from differ analysis. Mark may as a director to coordinate separated parts into completed works, he also recorded the voiceover for the whole video. Generally, the aesthetics of infographic is outstanding to catch attention, but it may included too much data that gradually confused audiences in later part. In addition, it would better if the voiceover can fill more sentiment or lively cadence with the colorful image, the project would be easy understand for the audiences.

For the suggestion for two groups. Firstly,  I would make the short 4-5 mins radio program and slow down the whole tempo with simple process to make audiences easily understand. The fun entertainment would focus on impressive dialogue instead of long procedure. Secondly, if my group topic is related to number and data, I may choose few basic item and illustrate detailed explanation to make sure not present too much extra infographic exhausted audiences.

Author: AthenaChueh

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