During the process of digital story, we interacted many ideas each member through telecommunication application. To be honest, I used to via skype to contact my partners, but most of my  team workers are from China that I started to learn the function of wechat which is actually convenient to operate.

Just like skype, wechat also supports group room chatting that we organize our CMWP group there, discuss or debate individual opinion during the meeting. However, telecommunication is relies on signal quality to maintain the conversation when we are calling each other. It assumes most of us are under “move situation” that I think unstable quality of voice call is the biggest weakness in wechat. Therefore, my partners sometimes record their voice texting to make sure we don’t miss other’s messages, which is great strength that we could save time recall or misunderstand the contents.


Nevertheless, the telecommunication apps is based on traditional phone calls to develop current mode, it is wonderful invention that people can save expensive fee, skips jet lag and without limitation calling more than one user each time. Wechat is a cool invention that not only supports group meeting, but also the voice record texting can complement weak signal during voice call.

In conclusion, although wechat within many chinese students study abroad to becomes well known application which may replace skype or whats app using among international students. However, there are few functions like calling both telephone and mobile phone in skype that wechat doesn’t support. Therefore, as a media student, we could figure out as many as possible telecommunication applications, not only broad horizons to communicate partners from different culture, but also showing the respect of diverse habits.

Author: AthenaChueh

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