#6 Taxi Driver Deconstruction

This is second time that we are asked to deconstruct a part of scene of Taxi Driver. To be honest, I was wondering how can we analyze it and reflect the scene differently with first time. However, as Paul saying, while we had shot and cut our Lenny film, it’s time to rethink our reflection with mature sight, because we immerse real work whole day. Wisdom comes from tons of experiences.

In the beginning, there is two seconds medium close-up shot on protagonist Travis who stays inside taxi and going to ask a woman out, it is a little low angle to shot him that demonstrate Travis is excite
d and prepared looking into particular building. Then it is a medium long shot tracks his step until Travis into the indoor, the footage switches to MCU again, this time the camera in front of him and with his vision to show the surroundings then gradually zoom into Betsy and Tom with mid shot. It is obvious that the smooth tempo of footage from outdoor to indoor may arrange at least three cameras to capture different angles on Travis.

I quite like the part at 0: 24, it set up middle shot that Travis looks like jumps in the frame to appears his excited gesture and clearly facial expression to reject Tom’s suggestion. Here is a interesting point, during this part until 0:31, we cannot watch Betsy’s face, but from 0:31 to 0:33, it quickly switches to close-up on Betsy and medium close-up on Tom’s leaving which is inform audiences that Travis and  Betsy’s conversation is begin. There is a 180 degree line angle can be observed among three characters until Tom walks out of the frame. It should be two cameras located in opposite side behind each character ( Travis & Betsy )to present each other’s’ angle during their conversation. Until 1:08, the footage change to middle shot with 180 degree line once again to illustrate their background and Tom’s showing.

As we can see, it almost set in close-up shot when footage turn to Travis and mentions his purpose every time, then it follows his action zoom out to Betsy (MCU) and the desk. It is significant that it use high angle here looking down to focus each item on the table. Continuing their conversation, after Betsy listens his long talking, it’s her turn. From 2:05 to 2:13, the shot stay in close-up frame to present her consideration; and then switches to MS to implies Tom is into the frame once again.

taxi driver 5
Looking into the shot in 2:14 to 2:25, it remains long seconds on MS to emphasize Travis’s nervous and his surroundings. The footage starts from 2:26 to 2:53 switching between MCU and MS several times during their conversation until Travis leaves the frame. Finally, the last middle shot arranges Tom close in and Travis leaving as reciprocal ending, then it stops at MCU on Betsy as last indoor shot. Music rising, the moving MS tracks Travis with his waiting to states there’s next scene is coming.

taxi driver 6



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