#5 The reflection of Lenny

For this moment to rethink that all day shooting on our Lenny work, it is still impressed me the feeling. Although I have some experiences about nonfiction shooting during as a journalist, the complete fiction drama shooting with script is my first time.

After group our team members, we were look around RMIT campus to found great location for our scene before the day we shoot. We chose a triangle grass ground with few benches there, the wall behind the bench even with colorful painting and found a long yellow stairs behind building 8, it was a good preparation for the plot’s position.

However, neither of us took notes in our script for the deconstruction of footage, I just read the story and checked unknown vocabulary as well. It is shame we realized that how it terrible is that insufficient studying on script caused more busy work when we shoot. At intensive day, we roughly drew the sketch, analyzed what kind shot we want and hastily took equipment to started it.
Athena 傳來的圖像2 Athena 傳來的圖像1



At round one, my job is 2nd AD, I was no idea what’s the duty of position in the beginning, so I read the article ‘Crew Role’ again and started my work. The shooting was going well, Kim as our director, we got two talented actors, so I just helped the team stopped passersby a while and observed surroundings to reduced noise, watched out our property and took photo as a production still photographer.
DSC_2970 DSC_2956 DSC_2958

My second job is boom, I was enjoyed play this position as a tough job holding the boom long time, but I think I should be more careful on details because I made boom into frame few times that I find it after we upload film in suit. Fortunately, the quality is no bad, still can be used for another team’s production.


Moving to the third position, this time I am the DOP. As I mentioned before, I didn’t prepare a lot on script just thought it would be ok, so I got punishment that I don’t know what do I need for my screen, where was the right location between characters, which angle that camera should set up, I communicated with my director Leila quite long, then we actually got 30 minutes to shoot three scenes. Nevertheless, from the second scene I directed getting better and smooth under team member’s assistance. Although I think I should took few more footages for some particular part due to it is not enough material when I review them in premiere. I still get lots work to improve in this position, director is not kidding job!

Until final work, I am an actress to played Lenny. It was interesting that I quite enjoyed immersed the role, acted required action with drama tension to matched plot. The most funniest thing is I had to gradually died with disappointed on a bench in last shot, but it wasn’t easy, like my dead gesture, some part of body moved, we repeated few times to demonstrate the correct approach that director wanted. Under everyone’s attention, I felt little by shy to play it, but it’s pleased to made pleasure for everyone.


During this process, I still consider how to edit my footage to match the script. In my opinion, transfer the description of words into images of film is a subjective and challengeable task. Therefore, I follow Paul’s instruction to organize my footage into named bin as first step, separate different scene and sequence in premiere, the more details I created in previous work, the more easy to find each material when I doing rough cut. It is good habit that every time I should establish like this. mmexport1462528781732
In final part, I compress and upload two rough cut of scene, it is obvious that I still need insert more element for the tiny film, the urgent part should be settle down color grading for differ scene and put appropriate soundtrack and sound effect or keep nature sound to supply film’ basic soul.

https://drive.google.com/a/student.rmit.edu.au/file/d/0B3vPwG8v6SdgUUhMbXhtQWpIM1U/preview“>The scene 1
https://drive.google.com/a/student.rmit.edu.au/file/d/0B3vPwG8v6SdgSm1MWVdBQlV2M2c/preview“>The scene 2

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