#7 My favorite scene of Kill Bill

Film genre is an  usual topic when people talk about the movie. Action is one of my enjoyable style when I make a decision to watch. Since I was a child, I could always repeated the fighting scene to observe how the protagonist smoothly acts the charming action, I cannot explain until I know what is the aestheticization of violence. Here is the answer, although some conservative groups argue that aestheticization of violence is a controversial and negative material in screen which may cause immaturities adverse demonstration, it cannot be denied the element is an art within visual effect that impressed fans with it powerful image and astonishing story.


Quentin Tarantino is a well-known director who generates plenty aestheticization of violence on his movie. Kill Bill can be his highly admitted work which is one of film contained Asian martial arts and Western action in top rank. There is a amazing and my favored scene impressed me that I want to discuss with it.

scene  O-Ren-Ishi severs a head

a scene using1

The scene is described an antagonist O-Ren, her tough and stunning action to deal with internal fight in the gang. O-Ren, the top Japanese leader who has challenged her background of mixed race from another member that she quickly beheads him answering the suspicion. I quite like a part from 0:45 to 0:57, after the guy has beheaded, others just freak out and hold their breath stop there but the bleeding keep flow out. The frame shaped a strong contrast, everything is unmoved except the red bleeding. In addition, the sound provides huge impact here, only man’s scream with bleeding gushed. All of constructions designed a unchallengeable woman and her stable authority.

a scene using3

From 1:08 to 1:18, obviously, the frame is going to focus on the character to indicates her monologue after the killing. It starts medium long shot (MLS) within O-Ren packs up sword to medium close up (MCU) on her half-length picture, the footage creates a tension that audience unconsciously to expect next turning point. From 1:41, it is also significant that the shot directly switch to close-up (CU) then extreme close up (ECU) on her facial expression to keep going her final speech.

a scene using5
The scene from the footage of debating council to the end of transfixed council, it seems target on the whole gang member, but it is unquestioned that the tough woman O-Ren is the most splendid element penetrated the scene on aestheticization of violence.

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