#4 Prompt Readings-Sight & Hearing,Sound Design

This is second time to write our reflection about relative filmmaking, I chose ‘Sight & Hearing’ and ‘Sound Design’ as my reflective readings.

In the first article, ‘Sight and Hearing’ has attracted my attention, due to its content appears as slogan instead of chapter of textbooks, it makes reader more willing to focus reading and looking for key points. Furthermore, short and clear sentences are often interest people to read with curiosity. As we know, the more concentrated essence is more rely on powerful strengths to condense and present it, otherwise, it won’t be published and shows author’s unprofessional knowledge.

However, the shorter content does not equal it is easy to understand. For example, there is one content saying: When a sound can replace an image, cut the image or neutralize it. The ear goes more towards the within, the eye towards the outer. I could not figure it out at first time reading, once I looking into previous and following context, I realize that it is talks about separated audio and video or better quality of audio but worse image will make the film getting worse, if the sound and image could not combine as a complete film, they are just distracted audience’s attention. Ironically, earlier post I have mentioned that I thought good soundtrack may can fix tiny defect of image in video. Now it makes clear, different material cannot be complemented each other, filmmakers should have blueprints on both sound and image before the video has shot.

Looking into ‘sound and design’, there is one paragraph has attracted me, ‘a sound designer must be sensitive to all sound, pleasant or unpleasant, exciting or unexciting, significant or insignificant, well performed or poorly performed’. It reminds me the experience when we shoot group Lenny production. I get the chance to be sound position, wore the headphone looks like nothing special, but it really made me intently listened into all the details than other crews.

For instance, while we shot actors had conversation in corridor, there was a sensor door made annoying sound due to many people pass there. I tried to ignored that and focus on my scene audio, however, once I concentrated on sound more, the low buzz bothers me more than usual. Therefore, I interrupted the shooting and told them my point. What makes me surprise is my crew members didn’t hear that buzz or just skip it to continue our shooting. At that moment, I suddenly realize that ‘you are what position you stand’. Maybe I was too sensitive for them, but from my point of view, I was responsibly contributed my obligation as a sound.

13128613_10207007317441205_1772873734_o‘The more aware you are of sound, the better you will be able to articulate the literal and aesthetic sonic requirements of a production’. For me, as a sound designer is not only generate background music, insert sound effect or mix differ channel audio during video editing, the role is like a mother; to argue with low noise, to stop passerby walking and daringly to interrupt film shooting; all of these just to make sure can protect the baby, to produce a qualified sound.

Author: AthenaChueh

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