Enchanted Ground 2: Search Engine Optimisation

While I first time  heard SEO is around 3 years ago in my mother tongue, because there was a popular industry raising which is some companies assist clients improving or creating better search engine optimisation on their website or fanpage to enhance the order of rank that the business can be well known. At that moment, I did not really understand how does it work, so I just searched it and found the video, the explanation is lively and clear that I could figure out the principle. The group of video maker also expresses some articles to help readers can exploring deeper understanding.

Just an idea off the top of my head, I typed in “Athena WordPress”, tried to found my blog that it can be examined the sequence from the search engine. It is obvious that there were some wordpress blogs related to this search, though it contains “Athena” element, most of them are just WordPress’ advertisement. Moreover, some others search list even out of the boundary of WordPress into other website.

Based on this we can see, my typing may not clear enough, in other words, my blog does not includes specific keyword or present rare content so that search engine can not outlined my blog in the first few pages. Overall, it is admit that the industry of SEO has marketing needs to help people promote their website or fan pages, otherwise, the individual has to be professional that they can optimize own web into top position.



practice-led research: Environmental needs between students and campus

In our video of digital story, we aim to exploring the motivation of studying in Melbourne from both international and local students. Based on the studying environment is their first reason to choose Melbourne, I will  focus on  topic of environmental needs between students and campus to do scholarly research in this post.

Patricia McLaughlin (2012) mentions that ‘ these university students want flexible learning spaces that can adapt to both individual and collaborative work with a strong emphasis on social learning and advanced technology’, which is a clear expression that the surroundings of campus is the basic consideration for studying needs.

Furthermore, McLaughlin (2012) demonstrates that these environmental consideration may include the physical situation, in other words, foundational facilities is also a reason that students can be measured. ‘the importance of safety, security, natural ventilation, lighting and other physical features as conducive to effective learning’. In his case, a need for multi use space is also supplied for intense work and learning opportunities.

There are other motivations can be measured for studying needs, such as  internationalization and culture. According to Journal of the Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia (2006), ‘One of the major educational goals of the internationalisation of higher education is to prepare students to function in an international and intercultural context. Cultural diversity on university campuses creates ideal social forums for inter‐cultural learning’. This journal has supported the significant answer that related to the research.

It is well known that Melbourne is one of the international and livable city in the world, the factor of internationalization might cause by its multiple culture and diverse atmosphere to attract students study here. Simon Marginson discusses this phenomenon in Radio Australia’s series,’ a very large rise in the number of international students coming down to Melbourne to do university courses. Overseas students now make up over eighteen per cent of total enrolments in Australian universities.’ Just as the topic, the internationalization is also one of the consideration of studying needs.

Nevertheless, studying environment is based on personal reason to measure and choose, the context is relevant to our digital story ‘The motivation of studying in Melbourne’ to analyze some potential factors to research. There are countless analysis could  affect student’s motivation to examine in different research.


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The reflection of Flipped lecture on basic audio editing

In this lecture I have gained knowledge that showing the basic ways to edit my sound sources. As a beginner, I watched both videos of Audacity and Garageband, which guide users can follow the instruction step by step to record and fix my audio.

I do not have Mac notebook so that I downloaded Audacity software and tried how it works. I have to say it is straightforward design, every button and function archived clear so that user can quickly get into editing even is first time access it. While I found out that Audacity is also supplied not bad quality when I recorded my voice as a test experiment without Microphone. By contrast an online record system SpeakPipe that I recorded original voice over in our digital story, Audacity is much professional that editor can reduce surrounding noise and design whatever tone or add any other melody I want.

audio editing.jpg

Although I have learned Premiere software as our one of courses to edit my video and audio sources, it takes time to get familiar with it. Next time, if I just need audio editing, I will definitely access Audacity to improve my file. After all, keep the simple approach is the efficient way to make a  good job.


The reflection of Flipped lecture on digital drawing

It is useful knowledge after read the article of digital drawing, because I never gained this concept before editing my images. It is clear that the context demonstrate the different features between raster and vector. Straightforwardly, we can say the video is the most significant introduction that guides audiences understand the key point.

As a basic learner of digital drawing, I have learned “In Design” and “Photoshop to drew my previous works. I didn’t figure out the principle of them, just know when I edit both text and pictures into same file, I can operate them on In Design to avoid divided files and get better prints quality. On the other hand, people usually fix their pictures on Photoshop to improve the flaws or compose extra elements as a new picture.

While the lecture reminds me the two softwares that I used before, I couldn’t wondering their principles so I searched them and get the useful description by this blog. It is mentions photoshop is belong to raster software that users can quickly fix problems of photo by its pixelated attribute. For the advanced user or professionals, they might familiar with vector program, through its  capability of paths and points just like In Design to illustrate complicate infographics and text.

In my opinion, I will practice more on raster function which is easier to access and simple to edit my images. Once I can hand in my works not only good quality but finish it efficiently then it is the time deal with files on vector to enhance my techniques.

Reference List

Jude Gomez 2016, Raster vs Vector, viewed 29 May 2016, <http://vector-conversions.com/vectorizing/raster_vs_vector.html&gt;.

David Rush 2011, Photoshop, Illustrator, And InDesign: What’s The Diff?, viewed 28 May 2016, <http://davidjrush.com/blog/2011/01/photoshop-illustrator-and-indesign-whats-the-diff/&gt;.

The reflection of Digital story

It was a long process to produce our digital story ‘The motivation of studying in Melbourne’ which is a tiny film interviews diverse students who are studying in Melbourne.

In the beginning,  we thought nonfiction story could be easier and faster to finish the task, however, the truth is we spent a lot of time to looked for interviewees, borrowed too many and extra facilities to shot them and much complex footage to edited. So, I realized that if we want to deal with our project sooner and smoother, the key point is not about choose a fiction or nonfiction story instead of is make a sufficient plan before we start shooting.

During the pre production, although we sketched a proposal to arranged our schedule, the reality had more variable that we adjusted to changed circumstances. Firstly, we have no idea about our social media strategy which it could affect our interviewees like their nationality, the institution they studying even their answers for the interview. Fortunately, through several times team discussion and Jenny’s suggestion, we set a clear aim for Mandarin speakers to understand other student’s reasons why study abroad. Also, we gained some inspiration like ‘time-lapse photography‘ from YouTube search that we decided insert this aesthetics to outline Melbourne.

Secondly, there was an interviewee stood me up, also we couldn’t set up appropriate landmark of Melbourne as shooting location. However, people always can get their plan B, we got another prepared candidate as interviewee, found perfect indoor locations to shot, the procedure was challengeable but full of meaningful reward.

At production period, the process was more interesting. We chose State Library as our first shot location, everyone did good job for their duty. I was an interviewer, questioned our interviewee and chatted with him as rehearsal  to relax each other. We set down two cameras that operated by Mark and Yu. One is for main shot, another is for different angle and  recorded sound. Mona as a sound & boom holder that both channel sound can be collected well. The interviewee was also prepared so that whole procedure can go smooth and got applause from few passersby. For continued interviews, we selected at empty classroom or lobby even went to their campus (Monash, Melbourne uni) as indoor location because it can reduce unnecessary interruption and make sure the interviewees can focused on conversation immersed the atmosphere.

In the final period of post-production, it was complicated but excited. As I mentioned we used two cameras, there were tons of footage that editors so difficult to matched image and sound channel into same track. In addition, we uploaded all material into suites after each shoot that we were under time limited to edited footage in the campus. For the color grading, we tried to build warm mood for interview that the colors of footage were trended yellow type. Needless to say, we spent over than one week to integrated images, it was also a challenge but success to balanced normal effect and cozy conditions.

Review the whole project, we still have few insufficient weakness can be improved, such as change lively music, tidy out data present or fill in subtitle as a completed film. Nevertheless, I was rushed but enjoyed during the production, it was a good practice to recheck team’s cooperation and contribution that next time we could avoid those disadvantages to make a advanced work.

Code Editing of Programming concepts 2

It is complex mood to describe the process of one hour of code that I actually spend few hours to do so. To be honest, it is relied on patient, logic and clear mind to deal with 20 puzzles. The system is designed for children to train their cognition of logic and direction, but it is also build the sense of coordination for adults which is I may need practice more to improve my speed  on some puzzles.


In the beginning,  the task is interesting, like draw the line, complete a square or test user how many times I should repeat to reach a circle. While I get into further puzzle, obviously the task becomes more difficult than last one. It is significant that the command of repeat has been used frequently from puzzle 4, which helps user save time to avoid reestablish same command like draw a circle or square. Meanwhile, ‘loop’ is another regular command when editor doing code editing, it is also used in other applications or software. For example, Google Chrome can support user install a function called ‘Loop for Youtube’, it can replay videos, loop portion and setting loop counts automatically.


I rarely have chance to edit code in normal documents handling, even I thought it is not useful for my previous career. Once I start learning the instruction step by step, I realize that it still can assist my relevant working like edit my blog or set up own website which is acceptable why know the basic level is important for the media worker. In other words, learn to code is not only for build formula in specific purpose, but can upgrade the speed of item to make our working smoother.

certificate of code editing