#3 The initiative post- Hidden camera TV series- What Would You Do?-

In this prompt, we are required to write about any interesting media or film and share personal research to post. To be honest, I have no idea what should I share and post in the beginning, and then I decided to write about the well-known  American hidden camera tv program- What Would You Do as my reflection.

wwyd picture 1

It is unexpected to know the tv program during I searched the reality show on youtube few years ago. Before this program, I thought the reality shows just make fun on someone or trick celebrity to observe public’s reaction.Once I watched this, I realized that the program not just for entertainment  or showing audience’s response, it goes deeper and further to explore issues of society and culture, even lead audience thinking the humanity, psychology, crime and wide rang phenomenon as a human being.

wwyd picture 2Every episode has set a scenario that actor or actress acting some controversial behaviour or conflicts in public space to test surrounding people. After the cameras capture some reactions from each “Samaritans”, the host John Quiñones will bring production team to appear and interviewing them their motivation. It totally reflects  any kind and anyone’s encounter in physical world.

Video URL What Would You Do- Heavy Woman at Buffet Faces Abuse

In my opinion, this is a truly meaningful reality show that stimulate audiences to review own prejudice and perception if it happens on me. Just as its title “what would you do?”, there is no standard answer, all these seeming moral and ethical challenges are relied on tons of characters to deal with it. This is real world!

However, it is obvious that not every episode approved by supporters. There are few comments criticize that episode of “Christian discrimination for praying in public” has created wrong situation or indirectly harm opposite minorities. The plot is acted an atheist woman interrupts a Christian family prayed in restaurant and observe those surrounding customers. According to feedback articles, both authors believe that atheists rarely bother believers for their praying or other religious behaviours. Instead of believers are often overreact to challenge atheists in public. They doubt that this fake scenario may misunderstand or stigmatize atheism in the society.

The articles URL ABC’s “What Would You Do?” Gets It Very Wrong


From my point of view, they might be useful suggestions that demonstrate a famous tv program could cause unpredictable effect and stereotype among social interaction. As media workers, there are always multiple suggestions or attacks will be targeted, try to be objective or stand their position to rethink, all the comments will turn into nutrients to produce another better content.

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