#2 The Expertise edit & reflection

The three shot video

During the exercise of shoot expertise footage, I remember we were limited that only could take three shot for this tiny work. We were under time pressure and with basic equipment that we immediately decided  our scene was set next to classroom corner and appeared as comedy video. The story is described about a thirsty man find a vending machine eventually, but when he closing it, the machine was empty and how he frustrated is.

In the beginning, we drafted plot, unset camera and have not arrange actor location yet, everything looks like chaos, but once we started shoot, we organized and cooperated footage smooth. Although there are few disadvantage we could improve such as dusky light, much noise and  passerby that I could not keep camera sound when I edited the video. In general, the image quality was more usable than audio quality, and that’s the reason that I insert music and sound as my main audio present.

We followed the rule that only shoot three shot as total footage, however, to be honest, I wanted to take more times to reset my frame and sufficient light  as a cameraman. The entire preparation make me learnt that planning well pre-production is super important foundation than editing after. No matter how effect editing powerful can make up small flaw, well expertise footage not only perform profession work but also more productively save time. A stitch in time saves nine.

Part 1 of three shot

part 2 of three shot

part 3 of three shot

Author: AthenaChueh

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