#1 The abstract edit & reflection

Abstract video

When we did this small group exercise that the introduction  mentioned to shoot own abstract video for each member, I still remember how I felt at that moment. It was rainy day, we had to shoot  as soon as possible to make sure each member got sufficient time to manage it. I was the last one shoot my abstract video, after my team members captured their topic on rain or the corner of grass, I still can not decided what should I shoot, and that’s why my video looks like little be disorder in the beginning. However, after I shoot  passerby and some buildings on slanted shot, I focused on gloomy sky and flowing cloud as my target. I stopped pan my camera that just aim a stable angle to caught  cloud’s movement. That is my favorite part during abstract shooting.

Going to the process of video editing, I realize that although the topic is ‘abstract’, it doesn’t means we can shoot any image or sound as the video without prepared plan. For example, I want insert part of nature rainy sound in editing, but the source included people were talking that I don’t want. While I edited, it takes me more time to mark in and out. Similar situation in flowing cloud shooting, someone just passed in my frame that the part I could not insert editing. And the most challenging thing is combine different shots from each member into a complete  abstract video with consistent story. All the process that I learnt is pre-production work have to be organized and negotiated before we start shoot, and these just basic preparation!!!

Nevertheless, I quite enjoy edit audio layering, which is choose background music and insert camera sound to generate the atmosphere for my video. As teacher’s saying, good soundtrack can lead audience’s emotion into my setted theme and I think it may also fix part of imperfect shot in whole video. I believe all the professional techniques are based on sustainable experience and practice, and I know I am on the way to the track.

part 1 of abstract


part 2 of abstract

part 3 of abstract

Author: AthenaChueh

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