Prompt 1 – Reflect and Write

In the article of ‘writing reflectively’, the author, Jennifer, talks about few approaches to guide reader how to do a reflection on any kind writing. Firstly, she draws a flowchart to indicates the process of  reflective writing, which is not only contain all abstract texts but also make the context clearly to understand. In my opinion, the first part of article which already presents the skills that the writer wants to showing. For the most readers, keep contents simple and clear is basic point  for sustainable reading. In addition, through the article, I can review my previous writing and would try any type of my reflection  to follow this way.

Look into resource 2, another author, Jenny Moon also suggests some initial guidance for student writing, she points out that the reflection should not be just  a mirror instead of a process of rethink. Furthermore, she explains that reflection could be a film, a speech, or any kind presentation, which is surprised me. Originally, I think ‘reflection’ may just separate into informal and academic two style, once I understand the purpose and decide the format, I often write down what I am thinking. However, through review the paragraph, I realized that key point should be conscious and combination we get during the procedure, the presented type just a method that producer choose.

In final paragraph of conclusion, the author mentions one of strategies is leave questions a while and return back with brainstorming, which is provide me a bright direction. Because I usually spend much time to deal with one struggle, once I tried take a rest to distract my brain, I could finish the task efficiently when I back to the situation. Practice makes perfect, I wish I could continue establish the strategy into a habit to handle as tough task as I can.

Author: AthenaChueh

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