Prompt 4 – Keyboard shortcuts

To be honest to say, I have been long time not using film editing software, it almost takes me few days or even 1~2 weeks to reused to editing and familiar with its keyboard shortcuts. However, once I restart practice editing in Premiere, the most effective keyboard shortcuts as below ( windows ) :

DEL: delete

←↑↓→( in sequence ): page up/ back to beginning of cut/ back to ending of cut/ page down

+/ -( in sequence ): zoom in / zoom out

SPACE: play / pause

CTRL+S: save

CTRL+I: import

CTRL+C: copy

CTRL+V: paste

CTRL+A: select all

CTRL+Z: back to last step


There are few functions I never used but getting familiar and feel useful when I do editing:

CTRL+T : new title ( Can insert any typing immediately)

CTRL+O: open new project ( skip step of mouse clicking)

CTRL+X: cut ( soon to delete one shot)

CTRL+F: match frame (To find particular sources soon)

ENTER:  render effects in work area ( convenient to replay current editing of sequence)

Author: AthenaChueh

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