Prompt 3- Crew Roles

I had read similar paper of crew roles in Mandarin when I in university. According to my  mere impression, most part is described by my teacher, he talked his own experience when he involved the film shoot. By contrast, although the English type takes me longer to read each role, it is  more details contained and even more specific.

When I finish reading at first time, I still feel confused about some crew roles and their duties. However, once I repeat again and collocate with online searching, I can figure out much about each feature. It looks like every role is separated and belong different department, but once observe each of them,  I realized that every single role is connected with whole team. For instance,  people always think the director is the most powerful man and could control everything during film shoot,however, the director still has to negotiate and obey the direction of producer. There is no tiny one can be skipped and no one can be dictator role without other cooperation and assistance.

Look into the “production department”, I am little be shocked there is a specific role called “casting director”. Originally, I think all duties about casting arrangement is belong assistant director, but now I realize I may oversimplified and misunderstand the role of casting director played.

On the other hand, I never heared the role of film publicist until I had the chance into a course in Taiwan,  I am so interested about how the person organize whole film production and promote into different media, such like  generate press release, make climax effect in advertising and how to maintain  relation with distinct organization and fundraising, all of these duties are challenging but charming for me.

Nevertheless, I know before I can handle these duties and work independently, I should involve more practical film shooting and making, try to execute as many tasks as I can, then I will learn much realistic understanding than just reading.

Author: AthenaChueh

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