Prompt2 – Goals and Desires

In this semester, I am a freshman in this multiple university. Although I have some previous experiences in journalism, study in master of media still broad me new horizon in foreign country. Compare only concern in one specific field, I wish can establish more practical skills from this major, such as  try to  write and “read” screenplay, figure out more unfamiliar contemporary applications and handle them, and get deeper and familiar techniques about film editing software. All these current learning, some I might have tried using mother tongue, but they still recreate me new knowledge when I review and reuse them in English.

I still have some interested be a journalist, but consider the skills are more related to language and culture, as a international student, I wish can get  practical techniques firstly, through various access like film editing, video shooting and getting into sound and light knowledge in this course. Later in other courses, I expect can obtain skills in advertising, animation, social media, communication management and integrate development.

I believe that own useful media skills can gain more strengths and support me to explore and execute other fields in media. Within learn step by step, wish can establish stronger advantages to be a international talent in overseas.

Author: AthenaChueh

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