Prompt 1 – Reflect and Write

In the article of ‘writing reflectively’, the author, Jennifer, talks about few approaches to guide reader how to do a reflection on any kind writing. Firstly, she draws a flowchart to indicates the process of  reflective writing, which is not only contain all abstract texts but also make the context clearly to understand. In my opinion, the first part of article which already presents the skills that the writer wants to showing. For the most readers, keep contents simple and clear is basic point  for sustainable reading. In addition, through the article, I can review my previous writing and would try any type of my reflection  to follow this way.

Look into resource 2, another author, Jenny Moon also suggests some initial guidance for student writing, she points out that the reflection should not be just  a mirror instead of a process of rethink. Furthermore, she explains that reflection could be a film, a speech, or any kind presentation, which is surprised me. Originally, I think ‘reflection’ may just separate into informal and academic two style, once I understand the purpose and decide the format, I often write down what I am thinking. However, through review the paragraph, I realized that key point should be conscious and combination we get during the procedure, the presented type just a method that producer choose.

In final paragraph of conclusion, the author mentions one of strategies is leave questions a while and return back with brainstorming, which is provide me a bright direction. Because I usually spend much time to deal with one struggle, once I tried take a rest to distract my brain, I could finish the task efficiently when I back to the situation. Practice makes perfect, I wish I could continue establish the strategy into a habit to handle as tough task as I can.


Prompt 4 – Keyboard shortcuts

To be honest to say, I have been long time not using film editing software, it almost takes me few days or even 1~2 weeks to reused to editing and familiar with its keyboard shortcuts. However, once I restart practice editing in Premiere, the most effective keyboard shortcuts as below ( windows ) :

DEL: delete

←↑↓→( in sequence ): page up/ back to beginning of cut/ back to ending of cut/ page down

+/ -( in sequence ): zoom in / zoom out

SPACE: play / pause

CTRL+S: save

CTRL+I: import

CTRL+C: copy

CTRL+V: paste

CTRL+A: select all

CTRL+Z: back to last step


There are few functions I never used but getting familiar and feel useful when I do editing:

CTRL+T : new title ( Can insert any typing immediately)

CTRL+O: open new project ( skip step of mouse clicking)

CTRL+X: cut ( soon to delete one shot)

CTRL+F: match frame (To find particular sources soon)

ENTER:  render effects in work area ( convenient to replay current editing of sequence)

Prompt 3- Crew Roles

I had read similar paper of crew roles in Mandarin when I in university. According to my  mere impression, most part is described by my teacher, he talked his own experience when he involved the film shoot. By contrast, although the English type takes me longer to read each role, it is  more details contained and even more specific.

When I finish reading at first time, I still feel confused about some crew roles and their duties. However, once I repeat again and collocate with online searching, I can figure out much about each feature. It looks like every role is separated and belong different department, but once observe each of them,  I realized that every single role is connected with whole team. For instance,  people always think the director is the most powerful man and could control everything during film shoot,however, the director still has to negotiate and obey the direction of producer. There is no tiny one can be skipped and no one can be dictator role without other cooperation and assistance.

Look into the “production department”, I am little be shocked there is a specific role called “casting director”. Originally, I think all duties about casting arrangement is belong assistant director, but now I realize I may oversimplified and misunderstand the role of casting director played.

On the other hand, I never heared the role of film publicist until I had the chance into a course in Taiwan,  I am so interested about how the person organize whole film production and promote into different media, such like  generate press release, make climax effect in advertising and how to maintain  relation with distinct organization and fundraising, all of these duties are challenging but charming for me.

Nevertheless, I know before I can handle these duties and work independently, I should involve more practical film shooting and making, try to execute as many tasks as I can, then I will learn much realistic understanding than just reading.

Prompt 5- A scene analysis

The three minutes scene in ‘Taxi driver’ shows that Travis as a taxi driver wants to ask a  beautiful woman Betsy date out. Through the first long shot, we can see a confident man dress up himself and walking into the office without hesitate. After Travis passing the door, the camera follows him to present surrounding as his vision and then moving to Betsy’s desk. In this shot, Travis tells Betsy he wants to volunteer and straight rejects Tom’s interference, Tom walks out of the camera and the shot turn opposite into Betsy. During their conversation, audiences can observe that there are maybe two or three camera track each character and close-up their facial expression when two main characters are talking.

After Betsy asking further questions, the shot backs to medium frame to shows background. Tom still roaming nearby to observe them, and the shot is not moved but both Betsy and Travis are talking with gestures to present a vivid frame. Their conversation keep going until Travis eventually tells his main purpose, ‘Would you like to come to have coffee and pie with me?’ the shot backs to close-up to these two characters, bring audience’s attention to them. When Travis explains why he asking her out, the focus takes us from the man to the whole desk around four seconds, I think this shot is a particular zoom to match his talking and prepare to zoom out to office background, then present the third character, Tom, once again.

Tom walks by them to hides behind a pillar, Betsy still consider the date, the scene back and forth on Travis and Betsy presenting the man’s insistence (convincing words with fun gesture) and the woman spins the pen, glance at her watch showing she is hesitant. Within the screen stops on smiling Betsy and her talking, the frame can be seen that she decides dating with him and they make the appointment outside the building at 4 pm.  Meanwhile, Tom is still secretly listening, but Travis is excited and proactively take handshake with his dream female. Obviously, the contrast is clear to see between protagonist and the supporting role.

In the final part, the shot is stop there, through Travis leaving and Tom closing to demonstrate this whole scene is almost done. Music rising, the short shot tracks Travis presenting his action of waiting, and inform audiences next scene is coming.



Prompt2 – Goals and Desires

In this semester, I am a freshman in this multiple university. Although I have some previous experiences in journalism, study in master of media still broad me new horizon in foreign country. Compare only concern in one specific field, I wish can establish more practical skills from this major, such as  try to  write and “read” screenplay, figure out more unfamiliar contemporary applications and handle them, and get deeper and familiar techniques about film editing software. All these current learning, some I might have tried using mother tongue, but they still recreate me new knowledge when I review and reuse them in English.

I still have some interested be a journalist, but consider the skills are more related to language and culture, as a international student, I wish can get  practical techniques firstly, through various access like film editing, video shooting and getting into sound and light knowledge in this course. Later in other courses, I expect can obtain skills in advertising, animation, social media, communication management and integrate development.

I believe that own useful media skills can gain more strengths and support me to explore and execute other fields in media. Within learn step by step, wish can establish stronger advantages to be a international talent in overseas.